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WITec Paper Award – Contribute your scientific results

The annual WITec Paper Award competition recognizes exceptional scientific papers published in peer-reviewed journals that include results and/or images acquired with a WITec microscope. Scientists from all over the world and any field of application are encouraged to submit their publications from the current year.

Participating is easy! Just send your publication(s) to in PDF format. (For details, see conditions of participation below.)

The entry deadline is January 31 of each year, i.e. you can submit your publications from the current year until end of January next year.

Any co-author can submit a paper and will receive a WITec giveaway as a thank-you present.

In spring every year, a WITec jury will evaluate the submitted papers from the previous year in terms of scientific relevance, data quality and the level of instrument feature utilization and determine the winners. The first author(s) of the three winning publications will receive Amazon™ gift cards as prizes: 500€, 300€ and 200€ for the Gold, Silver and Bronze winners, respectively.

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Conditions of participation:

  • In order to participate, please send your paper(s) (as PDF-file) to Please include the supplementary information (if applicable), your full contact information and your preferred shipping address for receiving our thank-you present.
  • Please note that your data will be processed according to our data protection regulations. If there is a WITec branch office in your country, your thank-you present will be shipped from there and your data may be forwarded to that branch office for this purpose.
  • Publications co-authored by a WITec employee will not be considered for a WITec Paper Award.
  • The use of a WITec microscope should be clearly documented either in the "Materials and Methods" section of the article or by other supporting documentation.
  • Every Paper Award competition accepts articles published in print or online during one calendar year (Jan. – Dec.) and the entry deadline is January 31 of the following year.
  • Each paper can only be submitted once.
  • The person who submits a paper will receive a free WITec thank-you present.
  • The first author(s) of the three winning publications will receive an Amazon™ gift card.
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Previous Paper Awards

2023: We are now accepting publications from 2022. Send us your papers and participate!